24 October 2012

The "Happy Blogoversary To Me" Giveaway!

On November 1st, it will be exactly one year since I started this blog!

At that time only parts of Game. Set. Match. existed. I'd written a prologue and a few prequel chapters that helped me establish the back stories for my characters. Now I have an agent who truly one of the best in the business, a three book contract with a fantastic publisher and most recently, an editor who kicks my ass in the best way possible.

But before I had all of those things, I had you guys! Your support and unbridled enthusiasm for my writing are what got me to this fantastic place. So really, this blogoversary is a celebration of YOU!

To properly commemorate the occasion, I've decided to do a giveaway.

One lucky winner will receive a $50 Giftcard to Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble or the Book Depository! 

There are lots of ways to gain entry and many ways to improve your chances of winning!

Also, if there are more than 500 entries, I'll give away TWO gift cards!

Use this Rafflecopter to enter up to 21 times before the contest ends Friday, November 3rd.
(Remember, if you've already done these tasks, it still counts!)


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21 October 2012

GAME SET MATCH: Release Date!

When I signed with my publisher, Coliloquy we set a tentative release date for the first book in the Outerbanks Tennis Academy series to be released next spring. One of the major advantages to working in digital-only publishing is the shorter turn-around from finished manuscript to published book. Basically, you don't have to wait around for a printer to print the books, so you can get it out pretty much as soon as its ready!

And Game. Set. Match. will be released on...

**drum roll**

May 1, 2013

Add it on Goodreads today! 
If you do, you'll be one step closer to some awesome GSM swag as we get close to the release date. 
*nudge nudge wink wink*

15 October 2012

Sports Sunday #5: Derek Jeter Down

There was no Sports Sunday this week and here's why:

I'm way too depressed with how the Yankees' postseason is going to write about anything sports related...

08 October 2012

Alex Russell's Doppelgänger FOUND!

And we have a winner! Coming in with a whopping 81% of the vote is...


Chris Hemsworth!

So for your viewing pleasure, I bring you a photo spam!

A casual look and probably the closest to how Alex actually appears in my head...

Appearing clean shaven which is rare for both Chris and Alex.
And seriously, check out those eyes. No wonder a certain character of mine goes head over heels!
Plus a video, because while Chris is Australian and not British, it's close enough...

07 October 2012

06 October 2012

Doppelgänger Search: Alex Russell

If you couldn't tell over the last couple of weeks, I've been hit with a barrage of real life actors from some of my favorite TV shows who seem to fit the physical descriptions of the characters in GAME. SET. MATCH. perfectly.

The one character who that hasn't happened for is the one I think I'm most in love with - at least in this first book: Alex Russell, British tennis sensation and a total player - on and off the court - he's blonde, incredibly athletic with a magnetism unmatched by anyone a certain female OBX athlete has ever met before.

There have been a few people who come to mind in the effort to "cast" him, but I thought I'd leave it to you, dear readers, to choose his doppelgänger.

1. Chris Hemsworth
2. Alex Pettyfer
3. Zach Roerig