03 December 2012

A Very Merry Unbirthday to You! Giveaway

This week I'm celebrating my birthday. On Wednesday, December 5th, I'll be 28 years old, officially (read: depressingly) into my "late twenties." Regardless of that, I am really excited for my birthday this year and I want to celebrate!

As a kid my birthdays tended to be disgusting examples of what happens when a large family has only one child to spoil for nearly a decade. My second birthday was particularly offensive. According to family legend I got so tired of opening presents after an hour that I burst into tears and refused to open anymore.

So, taking the history of an overabundance of generosity in my direction, this year I've decided to adopt the Hobbit tradition of giving presents, rather than receiving and thus,a giveaway!

I'll be giving away TEN $10 giftcards to Amazon, Barnes and Noble or the Book Depository. The winners get to choose where they'd like their prizes from!

02 December 2012

Sports Sunday #6: I'm Baaaa-aaackkk

So there hasn't been a Sports Sunday in a little while, but there's a really, really good excuse as to why. I've been revising. For those of you who don't know, revising isn't editing. Editing is making sure your periods and commas are in the right places and changing, "angry" to "furious" and things like that.

Revision is something totally different. It's the result of copious notes from your editor about plot and characterization and conflict and all the things about your book that don't work quite right.

Revision (unlike golf, which I covered in a previous Sports Sunday) is TOTALLY a sport. Hell, it's a contact sport, even if the only collision is between your forehead and the laptop keyboard.

That being said, today I sent the first round of revisions for Game. Set. Match. back to my editor.

So for those of you who are revising or will be revising at some point in the future, I bring you some Sports Sunday inspiration, even if it is fictional!