06 November 2012

That one time when the hurricane hit...

*peaks her head out of the layers of blankets*

Hi everyone,

In case some of you were still unaware, Hurricane Sandy blasted the Northeastern United States early last week. I'm happy to report that me and mine are all safe and sound. I am, however, still without any electricity. So, no heat, no internet and no TV for going on 8 days now. My favorite books growing up were the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder and over the last week and a half, I've been given just a small taste of what life was like before we could plug anything in. I've become accustomed to carrying around an LED lantern powered by 8 D batteries from room to room so I don't trip over anything. I still hit the light switch whenever I walk in to a room. Force of habit, I suppose.

It's...an interesting experience. Schools were closed in my area for a full week and many still are and thus I didn't have to go to work. In that time I found myself rising with the sun and heading to bed just an hour or two after it set. I'm not a coffee drinker, so I've stuck with tea and I've made my way through a box of Apple Cinnamon Spice teabags after having it in my cabinet for several months. Obviously, the storm interfered with Halloween and while there were some brave Trick-OR-Treaters, I found myself with a glut of candy and have thus been eating more than my fair share of Kit Kats over the last few days. I've made a significant dent in my To-Be-Read pile, reverting  back to my youth when I'd fool my parents into believing I was asleep by burrowing under the covers and reading by flashlight. 

I'm also in the middle of a major revision of Game. Set. Match. I was about five chapters into it when the hurricane hit. I now have more than ten legal pad pages (yes, back and front) of handwritten revisions to be typed up once power is restored. Let's hope I can decipher my own handwriting when the time comes.

The men working in my neighborhood said that power would be restored last night. This morning they said this afternoon. We'll see, but until then, I'm leaving links of places you can go to help people who've been hit a lot harder by Sandy that I was. People have lost everything, so if you can give anything at all, even just a dollar or two, it would be very much appreciated.

And last, but never least, those of you in the United States and over 18, no matter your political affiliation, make sure you get out and vote today! Make your voice heard in the most important way you can


  1. Couldn't help but laugh about the Kit Kats... because my brother and I have gone through an entire bag full in the past 6 days. At least, I hope my brother has been eating them, because if not that means I've gone through an entire bag by myself.

    Heater warm, light bulb bright, overall electric thoughts your way.

  2. I think the longest we've gone without power due to weather was 4 days or so.
    At the time my mom was on oxygen 24/7 so we had a generator going the whole time. Good thing was that mom was on the emergency list for the power company so our power was restored days sooner than just those a block away.
    it was intense, and that was just four days .... I can imagine 8+ days have been just awful.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you - and everyone who has been affected by these storms.

    Hopefully you'll have power back soon.

    1. Thanks Lynee! Power is back. Now I'm just hoping it's back to stay!

  3. I hope this comment finds you with power. i have equally wierd and wonderful memories of no power and having to ccok thanksgiving and christmas dinners in a travel trailer...but I too found my bookshelves to be my freind and comfort. I had the chance to read your first 500 and see it get past through to submissions. Love your trailer and and can't wait to add it to my shelves. Good luck in all your future projects. Be safe

    1. Thanks Connie! The power FINALLY came back on last night, but we're being hit with another storm this afternoon. Hopefully it stays on!

  4. Hahaha Jennifer, me too XD
    Based on your above comment, I'm going to assume that you're further north than I am, because the snowstorm that I think you're talking about is missing us. :P We were actually really lucky, Sandy missed us! :P But school was still cancelled for 2 days. ;) *CHEER!!*
    I'm glad the power's back on for you! :D