29 September 2012

Sports Sunday #3: Golf is NOT a sport...

An early (and quick) Sports Sunday post, because what I'm writing about actually takes place tomorrow. If I pique your interest, I don't want you to miss out!

Golf is not a sport. It's a position I've taken a firm stance on since I was old enough to understand what I was looking at. Golf is an activity, one that requires a tremendous amount of skill and patience, but it is distinctly not a sport. Baseball, soccer, football, hell - CURLING requires more physical activity than golf does. Plus it's the most bloody boring thing to watch in the history of all the things to watch.

There is one notable exception to this rule. Ryder Cup. 

Every two years, the United States and Europe send their best to a golf course to compete against one another in an epic showdown. The highlight of these competitions is the four-some format. Two teams of two men play a round of golf, taking alternating shots and competing head to head, trying to gain a point for their country/continent. 

The best thing about the Ryder Cup isn't the golf - it's the atmosphere and what it means to the players.

A quick overview:

So tomorrow morning, if you're so inclined, turn on NBC at Noon EST and watch the Americans and Europeans go at it just outside of Chicago. Golf is STILL not a sport, but the Ryder Cup is a lot of fun to watch!

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