17 August 2012

An Anniversary...

Just a very short blog note to commemorate what up until a year ago was simply a random date on the calendar. August 17, 2011, I started to outline Game. Set. Match. It was in the shower that morning when Penny Harrison popped into my head fully formed an ready to go.

If you told me in that moment that a year later, I would have a completed manuscript, a fantastic agent and on the road towards publication, I would have laughed in your face.

In case the Olympics didn't hammer this point home enough during the last month, if you work hard and set you mind to it, you can do ANYTHING and dreams do in fact, come true.

To honor that, I bring you this lovely video, if any of you are looking for a little inspiration:




  1. Okay. Two things. 1) That video is one of my absolute favorites. So, yay. And 2) has it really been a year since you started GSM?! I'm sure it doesn't feel like this to you, but I feel like that year went remarkably fast. Can't wait to see what the next year brings for you and Penny (and Alex, cause you know how much I love him)!

  2. Hey

    can't believe you introduced us a year ago with GSM!! I know how exciting writing (and eventually publishing) a novel is and I wish you all the best in the process. I cannot wait to read EVERYTHING about the characters you've created in GSM and I hope you'll keep putting them in interesting stories!!