24 June 2012

Look-A-Like Alert: Lolo Jones & Penny Harrison

For those of you who aren't big sports fans, you may not know that Olympic Trials are being held this week. The gymnastics trials begin on Thursday and I'll be in attendance, but I digress. This afternoon, I was watching the Track and Field trials and they aired highlights of yesterday's competition where a 2008 Olympian named Lolo Jones qualified in the Women's 100 Meter Hurdles. Yay for her, but really what this post is about is who she look like: Penny Harrison. She really looks like her...A LOT. In fact, she and Penny share a similar cultural background as well.

Many of you will remember that I've used a couple of different stock photos of Penny since I started this blog, because it's just been really hard to find a picture of someone who actually looks like the girl in my head.

Now granted, Lolo has about 10 years on Penny as she appears in Game. Set. Match. but if you want to see someone who is nearly identical to Penny as I imagine her, here she is:


  1. Haha, that's awesome. Art reflects life and life reflects art, right? :)

  2. Totally! I really can't believe just how much she looks like her. It's uncanny.