06 February 2012

Character Recast: Penny Harrison

It's funny. Penny Harrison was the first character to pop into my head in this little universe, but she's the one who has changed the most while writing the novel, not just as a character, but her physical appearance as well.

When I began posting on this blog, I posted stock photos of people who resembled the characters, but one always felt off, Penny. The girl I chose was a little too "cute" and wasn't quite right as far as Penny's biracial background is concerned. So today, I present to you, Penny Harrison as she currently lives in my head:

For you curious folks out there, Penny is one quarter African American (her father's father). The rest of her gene pool comes from Western-European decent, half Irish and one quarter French.

So, what do you think of her?

Also, as soon as we hit 13,000 hits on the site, I'll be closing the tiebreaker poll, so if you haven't voted yet, make sure to do so!


  1. You know, I never could make myself see Penny like the old picture. Every once in a while I would try, but then my head would go right back to the way I saw her before. Very similar to this, but in my head her face is thinner (and I mean just less round, not like horse-faced :))

    1. Yeah, the only thing REALLY off about this girl is her eye color. Penny (and the rest of the Harrison children) have green eyes (from their mom).

  2. To be honest, I like the other Penny better. I have a friend who's 1/4 African-American and 3/4 white, and his skin tone is quite light and more similar to that of the old Penny. In this image, she seems almost 1/2 African-American and 1/2 white - I have friends like that too.

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