23 January 2012

Q and A #6

There have been so many great questions and comments since the New Year! Love it.

You all will be happy to know that I've officially hit the half-way point of the book, at least plot wise. Also, thanks to all of you, your comments, questions and even your poll votes, I've got such a great handle on these characters now, that writing the second half should be much smoother and thus, much faster!

So here we go!

On the Prequel, Mixed Doubles

Lela said:

So do you really say "get on line" instead of "get in line"? Because if not, there's a type-o. If you do, that's so weird because I've only recently ever heard that expression. Blogs are expanding my horizons here! Also, I don't think I like Nate. He seems a little fake to me. He may really like Penny, but then maybe he's a little less than committed to his tennis. I'm not entirely sure why, I just don't think I like him.

I really do say, "get on line" instead of "get in line." Your comment totally blew my mind. Seriously. I think it's a regional thing. I'm from New York and everyone I asked from around here says they say, "get on line," but then I asked people from other states and they say, "get in line." Since Nate isn't from New York (he's originally from Northern California) I changed it! Nate isn't fake, I promise. He's one of those people out there so genuine it hurts (and to the more cynical comes off as too good to be true). I think you don't like him because you're rooting for Alex, and really, who can blame you? ;-)


I am kind of crushing on all of these dreamy guys in this universe. So far I have to say that Alex is my fave out of all of the guys in this universe because of his accent and how he treats his mom. I love all of the little hints to the book that you sprinkle into these prequels. Penny and Nate still going strong when the first novel starts. Can't wait for that drama. I also want to see what went down between Amy and Teddy.

My universe has the cutest boys! I'm not shy about that. Oh the Penny and Nate drama...I'm actually writing that section RIGHT NOW. You guys are going to love it.

LauraW said: okay,, I don't have anything to say besides WOEHOE... this is such a sweet couple and I'm totally rooting for them.. it was a really funny lighthearted prequel, loved it!!

Sweet is totally the key word with Penny and Nate. He's a sweet guy and their relationship is adorable. Now, that's the question, will "sweet" be enough? ;-)

Eliza said:  I like that Penny told off a bitch, but I am not really invested in this new dream guy. My head was already thinking in a different romantic direction for Penny. Nate's sweetness made him likable, but I'm going to have to wait to develop an interest in Penny/Nate. He just kind of popped out of the woodwork. He had time to get to know Penny, but we haven't gotten to know him. Of course, that's because he was being a stalker...

Penny isn't a wallflower, that's for sure. She's quiet and a bit of a loner, but she's definitely not the type to take Amy's crap. And except for Laura, none of you are sold on Nate! You all have such a "bad boy" streak, it's not even funny. Love it.

Farfallama said: Ahh!!! How could Penny have a boyfriend?! Okay, sorry, I freaked out for a second there. I'm over it now. I like Nate. Unfortunately for him, I didn't instantly love him like I did Alex. I think I could grow to like him, but I'm still a hardcore Alex/Penny (Palex?) shipper. I loved the interaction between Amy and Penny. Penny doesn't seem like the type that would let the mean girls get to her, nor would she let one get away with something just because she is a mean girl. Plus, it gives me more Penny/Teddy interaction, even if it's technically implied, which I love. I get all warm and fuzzy for close knit families, especially twins. Anyway, this was awesome, as per usual. I especially liked the last line. It was really cute!

Haha! I don't even know where to start with this comment. I LOVE that GSM has "hardcore" shippers already! So glad you liked it. And if you all haven't checked out the AWESOME questions, Farfallama gave me for the interview with Indy, you need to go do it right now and let her know how amazing she was! Whoever wins the next character interview contest will have BIG shoes to fill! 

On the Prequel, Thank You

Little Zarbo said: Hi, This was the first bit I've read of your original work. I admit I know nothing about tennis but from what Ive read i'll definately stick with it. I like this Alex character. He seems like a pretty stand up guy. I'm a bit confused as to all of this but I'm off to explore this blog and see if I can't figure it out. Hope to hear more about the GSM world in the future. :)

So glad you stopped by and really glad you like Alex. He rocks. Hope to hear from you some more too! 

On the Prequel, Another Decision

Kaelyn said: Missy Franklin is incredible. Not only is she an astounding swimmer but to turn down that kind of money? I'm not sure I would have been strong enough to make that same decision. Anyway, on to the actual writing. Very nice. I just love the Harrisons because they're so down to earth and they let their kids make their own decisions. Can they adopt me? ;)

Ha! The Harrisons already have their hands full. Penny and Jack are pretty low maintenance, but Teddy takes up all of their spare time. 

Lela said: I didn't read the article, but I loved this prequel! I think it's a smart decision on her part. She can always go back to college later, but if she got injured playing for the NCAA her entire life plan could be ruined. I hope everything works out for her!

*pokes* Shame on you! Go read the article! Penny's a smart cookie. I think she's making the right choice too!

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  1. Yay, I get to make the first comment! First off, thank you for the shout out. :)

    You know, I really love these Q and A's. Most authors don't have this kind of connection with their readers, and as your fan base grows (which it will) it will be harder to do, but it's nice that you take the time to answer our questions and give us updates.

    Anyway, I think it's funny that no one besides Laura seems to like Nate. It's not that I think he's dishonest or too good to be true, it's just that he's so... ordinary. And Penny, at least what we've seen of her, is extra ordinary. In the Prologue, she knocks the number one tennis player in the world out of the competition during the first few days. Nate is just so... lackluster. Alex seems like a better fit to me because of the complexity of his character, the dichotomy of light and dark that complements rather than overwhelms. Nate is just bland. No offense! He's just not the kind of guy I see Penny with. I was rereading "Lost and Found" last night, and one of my favorite things about Payson and Sasha's relationship in it is the fire that they share, that they are literally able to transfer through touch. I see that same fire in Penny, but not in Nate. I see it in Alex, though, and that's what attracts me to them as a couple.

    Well, enough of my rambling. Please update soon!