27 January 2012

Prequel Poll: A TIE!

Thanks everyone who voted in the latest Prequel Poll.

Unfortunately, it ended in a tie! You guys just have too much love for both Jack Harrison and Dom Kingston.

So we're going to have a tie-breaker vote. Comment below with your vote!

Who'll it be?

This charming young Harvard man? 

Or everyone's favorite coach?

23 January 2012

Q and A #6

There have been so many great questions and comments since the New Year! Love it.

You all will be happy to know that I've officially hit the half-way point of the book, at least plot wise. Also, thanks to all of you, your comments, questions and even your poll votes, I've got such a great handle on these characters now, that writing the second half should be much smoother and thus, much faster!

So here we go!

17 January 2012

Character Interview Contest

This morning, this site went over the 10,000 hit mark! That's right, TEN THOUSAND HITS in about two and a half months for a book that isn't even finished yet.

I am utterly in awe of your interest and support.

So with that milestone in hand, it's time to announce the winner of the Character Interview Contest!

And the winner is.....

*drum roll*

10 January 2012

A Revision

Hi everyone!

Hope you enjoyed the last prequel, Mixed Doubles and you're getting ready to vote on the Character Interview Contest!

Just a note to say that I've revised the Prologue and I'm interested to see what you all think!

Check it out!

06 January 2012

Character Interview Contest...

Since I thought the Prequel Contest was a lot of fun, I thought about running another one, but doing the same thing twice in about a month is a little boring, so I decided instead to hold a Character Interview Contest.

The rules are very simple (and even simpler now!)

1. If you haven't already, sign up for email alerts in the box to the right (I promise they're not intrusive, it will only email you when I update)

2. Comment below with the character you'd like to interview

3. Get the questions you'd like to ask them ready. (If you win I'll contact you to set up the interview!)

Note: If someone chooses the character you'd like to interview still feel free to submit yours. It only increases your chances of seeing the character you want!

Note 2: If there is more than one character you'd like to interview, feel free to enter twice. Two separate comments please, as I'm going to use a Random Integer Generator to decide the winner.

Simple right?