31 December 2011

Q and A #5

Happy New Year Everyone! 

2011 has been a blast, but I'm really looking forward to 2012. Hopefully there are more great things to come in the new year, like finishing up the novel and getting it on the road to publication!

You've all been so fantastic with giving me feedback and general squee-age. I'm loving it.

Here's a new Q and A for your reading pleasure...

26 December 2011

Ships Ahoy: An Update

About four weeks ago, I posted a reader's poll called the, "Perpetual Shipper Poll." Mostly, I'm interested in what you all think about the characters and who they're most suited to, but as I intend it to be up for quite some time (hence perpetual), I'm also fascinated to see preferences change as I reveal more about the characters.

Every once in a while I'll post the "results" of the shipper poll. This is the first of those posts. Click the little "read more" below for a pretty chart and my comments!

16 December 2011

Prequel Contest Winner

And we have a winner!

In case you missed it, today (last night actually) the site went up over 5,000 hits!

As promised, in celebration, the Prequel Contest has come to a conclusion. I wanted to make the results as random as possible, so I used an online Random Integer Generator to pick the winner. 

Really, it was just me being lazy, not wanting to physically pick the winner out of a hat.

And here is our winner.

Comment Number 2! 

Congrats Kaelyn! 

Look for the prequel soon!

15 December 2011

Q and A #4

Unknowingly, I've been keeping a pretty solid schedule with these "Q&A" posts. I think I've got an internal clock that says, "Time to respond to all the awesome people who've commented." It seems to go off every two weeks or so.

Thank you everyone who has commented and don't forget to vote in the Prequel Contest

Here we go:

11 December 2011

A Prequel Contest

I was going to do this in anticipation of the blog's 4,000th hit, but since you guys managed to blow that number out of the water in before I had a chance to post the last prequel, we'll do it as we slowly, but surely approach 5,000 hits.

The contest is simple. 

In the place of the usual prequel poll where you vote on which character you want to read about, we're going to have a comment contest.

Here's how it works. You comment on this post, telling me which character to focus upon and based upon the other prequels you've read and the prologue, a particular scenario or situation you'd like to see. Nothing too crazy, okay? No alien abductions or vampire bites.

I'll give you an example comment based on the last prequel so you know what I mean:

Alex Russell. I want to see more about Alex's relationship with his mother. 

Simple right? You don't even have to get that detailed. You can just leave a character name. 

Feel free to vote for any character, main, secondary, family member, coach. It's totally up to you! 

Even if someone already voted for what you want to see, vote again as it'll increase the idea's chances of winning.

That's the deal.

Don't be shy. I know there are a lot of you lurking around here; a site doesn't get to 4,000 hits in a month and a half without lots of different people visiting. Now, let's hear it!  What do you want to read about next? Let me know!

06 December 2011

Game, Set, Match: Secondary Characters

Game Set Match: a novel

Secondary Characters
These characters will pop up throughout the books here and there. Some you've already met and others you haven't...

05 December 2011

Holy Page Views, Batman!

I started this blog just over a month ago. It officially "went live," to use the correct terminology, on November 1st, 2011. It is now December 5th, which also just happens to be my birthday. I can't think of a better birthday present than what I got today when I checked the site's stats and saw this:

That's right. In just a little over a month, this site, about a novel that isn't even finished yet, has accumulated THREE THOUSAND page views. 

To celebrate, I decided that it's time to expand a little bit. I've created a Facebook page for the novel and I'd consider it the icing on my birthday cake if you went over and clicked the *Like* button at the top of the page.

Thank you so much for all of your support!

04 December 2011

Q and A #3

Wow! The feedback just keeps flowing in! As I write this, we're up to 80 comments. I truly appreciate each and every one of them. Here are a few of your comments and my responses. 

But, before we do that...I have to apologize to one of my commenters, Erika, whose lovely comment I deleted by accident! I'm sorry. My computer spazzed on me and I was clicking around and when it unfroze, your comment was gone!

Now without any further ado, a Q and A:

03 December 2011

A Name Change...

Hey everyone,

So you may notice, especially if you're here rereading a post, that one of the main characters has a new name.

It's not my fault. Really.

Okay, it totally is, but I blame my muse. 

When I first imagined my driven, talented if a little uptight heroine, she came to me as Penelope Harrison. This may or may not be because I was listening to Hanson's Penny and Me at the time. Not that I'd ever admit to listening to Hanson, but there it is. 

As I was writing I later came to the conclusion that I shouldn't use a name like Penelope. Honestly, my rationale is a little fuzzy now. 

It seems I don't have any real say in the matter though, because as I write whenever I type her name, I type "Penny" not "Libby." 

So Libby Harrison is officially Penny Harrison. Not that it matters much, she's still the same girl she was before you read this post. One day (hopefully) when Game. Set. Match. is a big hit, you can use this as useless trivia, "What was Penny Harrison's original name?"

Doing my best to update all the content here, but if I miss one or two "Libby" mentions, please comment and let me know so I can change it!