28 November 2011

A Cover: Attempt 4

This is what happens when I finished up a section and I step away from it for a while before editing. I didn't just finish a section today, though. I finished the first portion of the novel, as far as my outline is concerned. It's hovering around 13,000 words and the creative juices were still flowing. So, instead of tinkering with my first design, I decided to go for something totally different. It has a "chick-lit" feel to it...

26 November 2011

A Cover: Attempt #3

As most of you know, I love constructive criticism. And when I posted my last attempt at a cover, one of my awesome readers, Lela said: 

Personally, I think there is too much dead space, particularly in the top left corner, to have the title overlap with the girl so much. Particularly, something about the letters sitting over top her shoulder doesn't seem right. I keep looking at the pictures trying to figure out a way to arrange them so that there is still space for the letters, but so far I've got nothing. 

I found that I agreed with her assessment and after much playing around with the two photographs in question, I thought maybe the cover would work with just the girl. Game. Set. Match. after all is told solely from the female point of view.

So here's what I came up with:

23 November 2011

A Cover: Attempt #2

Ever have one of those moments when the blatantly obvious is well, not so obvious to you?

I did.

When I sat down to create that first cover, emphasis on the word cover.

What I made was a pretty little graphic. A cover has to, by definition, cover a novel and thus must be in portrait, not landscape.

Thank you to Claire and Lela for pointing out what should have been very obvious to me.

And without any further ado....

My second attempt:

20 November 2011

A Cover: Attempt #1

This is my first time writing a novel I fully intend to publish and while the old adage goes, "You can't judge a book by it's cover," I thought I should give some potential covers a whirl.

Here's my first attempt:

15 November 2011

Q and A #2

Hey everyone!

I'm still so overwhelmed by the comments, emails and tweets I'm getting in support of this project! Thanks to everyone who took the time out to come by and read and especially those of you who commented. I treasure each and every one of them.

There were some great comments on the two Prequel posts and I wanted to give you all a little feedback based on them!

03 November 2011

Q and A

I'm absolutely overwhelmed by the support so far and I thought I'd say thank you by answering a few questions and addressing some concerns.