26 December 2011

Ships Ahoy: An Update

About four weeks ago, I posted a reader's poll called the, "Perpetual Shipper Poll." Mostly, I'm interested in what you all think about the characters and who they're most suited to, but as I intend it to be up for quite some time (hence perpetual), I'm also fascinated to see preferences change as I reveal more about the characters.

Every once in a while I'll post the "results" of the shipper poll. This is the first of those posts. Click the little "read more" below for a pretty chart and my comments!

Here's a little analysis:

First and foremost, obviously you all have a major league affection for Alex and Penny. The golden couple of tennis perhaps?

In a distant second, Teddy and Jasmine. Now this makes me curious. You all went from two very similar characters to people who sit at complete opposite ends of the spectrum.

If you're one of those readers who voted for BOTH couples, I'd love to know why these very different couples appeal to you.

A few votes for Alex and Indy. You know how I said Alex and Penny were similar? I take it back. Alex and Indy might the most similar characters in the entire series, despite their very different upbringings. Too similar? Maybe.

Teddy and Indiana garnered some interest as well. Hmm...food for thought.

None of you were crazy enough to go for Teddy/Amy, but a couple of you maniacs want to see Alex and Caroline have another go. Were you just curious about their past relationship or do you want to see the nuclear meltdown that they would create if they tried again?

Lastly, the "other" category. There were three "other" votes and they were all Dom/Penny and one of you actually inquired about Dom's age in your vote. Just to clarify, Dom is forty. Penny is just eighteen. Their relationship is strictly professional and bordering on father/daughter. You crazy kids and your crazy ships. ;-)

I'd love to hear what you all have to say about this. Why do you think Alex and Penny stood out so much for everyone or just for you? Have a ship in mind that isn't on the poll and you'd like to see added?

Let me know!


  1. I like both Alex/Penny and Teddy/Jasmine pairings. Alex and Penny appear to have similar values and could potentially really click. I can't wait to see them interact.

    I can't wait to see how the Teddy/Jasmine story unfolds. I love the idea of a girl finally getting the guy she has been secretly crushing on. Can the reality ever live up to the expectations? Is Teddy finished with his player ways?

  2. I really love the idea of Alex/Penny, because I feel like they would be a great pairing because of their similarities/differences. I could go into deep analyses, but in the end, they make a great pairing because they just do.

    The Teddy/Jasmine pairing seems like a good idea because I too love the idea of a girl finally getting the guy she's been loving for forever. It's cliche, but what can I say? I'm a romantic at heart. I think they'll work because Teddy it's really a player, he's just become one. It's not his nature. He just needs someone like Jasmine to remind him that Amy is the exception, not the rule when it comes to love.

    As for Indy, I think she needs someone like Razor (from MIOBI). Someone just as crazy as she is, but in a laid back, chill kind of way. I think they'd be dynamite together.

    Please keep writing. You have me hooked!

  3. Just doing a quick character analysis here. I feel like your feeling about Alex and Penny is spot on. Both of them are stars; that much is obvious, and I think that in their quest for perfection, they'll just make each other better. Which is, of course, bad for the other tennis players, but...oh well.
    As for Teddy and Jasmine, I think its the whole Jasmine's been in love with Teddy for forever. And the prologue only confirms this. Also, their relationship is only further strengthened by the fact that Jasmine and Penny are such close friends.
    I can see the support for Alex and Indy- Indy is pretty chill, and Alex is so serious and uptight, so if they were together, it might, emphasis on the might, improve Alex's playing. On the other hand, it might distract Alex from his playing, though he has proven he can handle a relationship.
    And I feel Alex/ Caroline has support for both reasons - though if they had another go, I think that the blowup would be slightly amusing to say the least. Though I would want to wish that heartbreak/ pain on Alex again. Also, since Caroline is now engaged to Indy's dad, I don't think 1) she and alex would get together again even if Caroline and Indy's dad broke up 2) if they would last. At all. I'm curious as to what compelled Caroline and Indy's dad to be together...Hmm...I would LOVE another prequel and peek into the insight of the characters lives. (And the NJYbA Xmas special!) Happy New Years' Eve!!