16 December 2011

Prequel Contest Winner

And we have a winner!

In case you missed it, today (last night actually) the site went up over 5,000 hits!

As promised, in celebration, the Prequel Contest has come to a conclusion. I wanted to make the results as random as possible, so I used an online Random Integer Generator to pick the winner. 

Really, it was just me being lazy, not wanting to physically pick the winner out of a hat.

And here is our winner.

Comment Number 2! 

Congrats Kaelyn! 

Look for the prequel soon!


  1. awesome.. I so did not think of this... so much better than my own suggestion :) can't wait for the email alert!!

  2. I have the geekiest desire to talk about the specifics of why random number generators aren't realy random, but I'll spare you. I was a math major in undergrad, so I once had a three hour discussion about this in one of my classes and it came to mind when I read this post. :P