03 December 2011

A Name Change...

Hey everyone,

So you may notice, especially if you're here rereading a post, that one of the main characters has a new name.

It's not my fault. Really.

Okay, it totally is, but I blame my muse. 

When I first imagined my driven, talented if a little uptight heroine, she came to me as Penelope Harrison. This may or may not be because I was listening to Hanson's Penny and Me at the time. Not that I'd ever admit to listening to Hanson, but there it is. 

As I was writing I later came to the conclusion that I shouldn't use a name like Penelope. Honestly, my rationale is a little fuzzy now. 

It seems I don't have any real say in the matter though, because as I write whenever I type her name, I type "Penny" not "Libby." 

So Libby Harrison is officially Penny Harrison. Not that it matters much, she's still the same girl she was before you read this post. One day (hopefully) when Game. Set. Match. is a big hit, you can use this as useless trivia, "What was Penny Harrison's original name?"

Doing my best to update all the content here, but if I miss one or two "Libby" mentions, please comment and let me know so I can change it! 


  1. Oh my gosh, I change character names All. The. Time. So I totally get it. Although it will probably take some getting used to, lol. But, if she feels like a Penny and you keep writing Penny, then damn it, she's a Penny!

  2. I think the name Penny is adorable. If you don't want to admit to listening to Hanson you can always say you were inspired by the song Penny Lane by The Beatles.

  3. I just posted a comment about the name change. Guess I now the answer now. Thanks

  4. I like the name Penny better, couldn't tell you why but it feels it matches the character better