06 December 2011

Game, Set, Match: Secondary Characters

Game Set Match: a novel

Secondary Characters
These characters will pop up throughout the books here and there. Some you've already met and others you haven't...

Amy Fitzpatrick, 20

Nate Gibson, 20

Paolo Macchia, 20

Zina Lutrova, 22

*Note: The pictures above are STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY. They aren't a "cast" of any kind, but I purchased them to give you guys an idea of what they look like! 


  1. You're not going to believe this, but I think I need a GSM update more than I need a CG update.

  2. Paolo looks cute :)

    I like your whole cast... can't wait for a new update!!

  3. They're all so... Althletically hot :)

  4. They are what looks like an awesome bunch of characters. I think people who look that hot have to have some sort of internal conflicts, other wise they will just be too perfect ;)

    Are you going to be putting the photos in the novel or is this just a guide for online?