03 November 2011

Q and A

I'm absolutely overwhelmed by the support so far and I thought I'd say thank you by answering a few questions and addressing some concerns.

Q: Mcdewar asked: Are you going to have some photos for your characters? 

A: Yes! I've uploaded photographs to give you guys a general idea what the main characters look like. Check them out here: Meet the Characters of Game. Set. Match.

Q: Claire asked: I'm not a big fan of tennis but I truly think this is something I could get addicted to. (Okay, so that wasn't really a question, but it's a point I want to address.)

A: I'll be posting a tennis tutorial for those of you who don't have any background in the sport. I promise it's pretty simple and I'll always give you context so you know what's going on regardless of the rules!

Q: Anonymous asked: The characters are well done, but will they have the power to draw someone in? Almost all great novels have a common factor with their main characters, and it's how the reader is able to relate to them.

Along the same lines, Bibliopoppet asked: There's nothing REALLY tying these characters in to the typical common connection which makes characters relateable. So far, these characters are still strangers.

A: Great question! That's the purpose of this blog. The actual novel will not be posted here (I'm going to try and get that published), but this blog will house the backstories of my main characters so you guys will be able to relate to them before ever picking up the novel!

Q: Vapid Philosophy asked:  You have a huge cast of characters and I don't know if you were going pick a few to focus on or something but that might be a route that you might look into. 

A: While there are lots of characters, the novel will told from three points of view: Libby, Indy and Jasmine and their plot lines will ALWAYS intertwine in some way, shape or form. Promise! 


Thanks so much everyone for your feedback and please keep it coming! I love all comments, both glowing and constructive! 

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