04 November 2011

Game, Set, Match: OBX Coaches and Staff

Game Set Match

Meet the Coaches and Staff 
at the 
Outer Banks Tennis Academy


Dominic Kingston, 42
Owner and Head Coach of OBX
Two Time U.S Open and Australian Open Champion


Stella D'Amato, 51
Assistant Coach at OBX and Tennis Professional (Retired)


Cecilia Benoit, 29
French Open Tournament Director

Roy Whitfield, 63
Head of Security at OBX and US Marine Corp. (Retired)

*Note: The pictures above are STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY. They aren't a "cast" of any kind, but I purchased them to give you guys an idea of what they look like! 


  1. A nice variety of people with a variety of backgrounds, I think it makes for a an intriguing group of characters. Dominic looks just how I thought he would.

  2. I like seeing how you imagined the characters and since this is only the staff and coaches I can't wait to see how you imagined the main characters.

  3. I'm already in love with Dominic, and he looks exactly how I imagined him!!